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EmanoN v6 Rom For Galaxy Mini/Pop GT-S5570

Dear Friends Just a few hours ago, I Have posted some of the screenshots of emanoN version 6 rom on galaxy mini/pop gt-s5570 smartphone. And, the developer, parasmi has already released the latest version and made the link available for the users to download and try the latest update. As the developer puts it, 'emanoN version 6 - Stock Firmware leveled up!', no doubt one, who has tried this emanoN rom (or it's predecessors) on their handset, wouldn't agree with him. emanoN rom only inherits the look from the stock firmware while boosting performance and adding more and more features to exploit the amazing power of android OS. And, the trend continues even with the latest version as there are many new changes in emanoN v6 too. So, let's take a look inside to see what has changed since last release.

EmanoN v6 has got new features, some of which include those that are available in CyanogenMod rom. New features include Status Bar Tweaks to customize battery, signals and Clock, new beautiful looking lock screens, replacement of status bar icon with those from CM7, and addition of other utilities and options in emanoN parts. Below is a change-log that details the changes from the previous version of emanoN rom.

ChangeLog :

  • Added Glass, Epic, and Fascinate lock-screens. Removed Rotary Revamped.
  • Long-press back key to kill foreground app.
  • Long-press volume key in screen off to skip back/forward music tracks (hard coded, doesn't work with stock Music app).
  • Clock, signal, and battery options (some settings takes a few moment to update).
  • Status-bar color and transparency.
  • CRT on animation
  • Removed restriction of FM Radio on Airplane mode
  • Enabled skin chooser in MMS app
  • Removed ROM Manager (can be downloaded from Play Store)
  • Removed Social Hub
  • Cache partition back to EXT4. System partition back to journaling file system.
  • Integrated UV Kernel in ROM (no longer optional)
  • Status-bar toggle icons back to original theme.
These are the changes in emanoN version 6. Apart from these, few bugs that were in emanoN version 5 have been fixed and the rom is optimized for smooth performance. Along with these integrated spare parts, quick access to a list of Samsung Secret Codes, optimized Kernel and added system utilities will help you get the best out of your galaxy pop/mini/next gt-s5570 smartphone. So, without any further delay let's flash this rom on your galaxy pop/mini and give it a try.

Disclaimer note : DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!

1. Upgrade your firmware to Gingerbread using Odin Multidownloader v4.38.

2. Install latest Clock Work Mod Recovery v5.0.2.7 using Odin.

3. Download emanoNROM-v6-signed.zip from this link. You can also download it from Roms and Utilities page. [Note : Please don't share the direct link with others. Respect the developer work and download from only the link above or share the same link. ]

4. Copy it to the root directory of your sd-card.

5. Reboot your device to Clock Work Mod Recovery (Press Home + Power Button).

6. [Optional but, Recommended] Do a Nandroid Backup of your current rom.

7. Choose Install Zip From Sd Card..Choose Zip From SD Card option and then select the emanoNROM-v6-signed.zip file you downloaded from above.

8. After flashing the rom, Wipe your Cache and Data in the CWM recovery main menu.

9. Reboot your device from CWM Recovery main menu.

That's all. You have now successfully flashed your galaxy pop/mini with the latest version of emanoN custom rom available. Wait for few minutes until your device boots up after flashing the rom. Then, you can check out all the cool new features of emanoN v6 and try them all. Once you have explored through the rom, do share with us your views about this amazing update to emanoN rom at the comments below.

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